The Great Awakening

About the Album

Our premier CD, The Great Awakening, offers up a rich musical brew of country, folk, gospel and blues spiced with a Texas flavor. We hope the music and lyrics stick with you like the taste of a freshly baked pecan pie. The album was originally released in 2009, winning Billboard World Songwriting Contest Honorable Mention awards for three songs: "Doctor Jesus", "The Great Awakening" and "Blues Universe."

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"Hound of Heaven"


"Ride Pilgrim Ride"






"Doctor Jesus"

Floore County Store630

"The Great Awakening"

"Hobbit on the Road"


"Blues Universe"


"The Call of St. Augustine"


"Run Jack Run"

gold bands

"Marrying Man"


"Let Me Be There"


Guest Artists

Featured performers on The Great Awakening.

Downie Mickler

Guest Vocalist - "Marrying Man"

Downie Mickler is a Contemporary Christian worship leader with a history in Musical theater. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1994 having performed in many musical productions, trained in vocals, and learned to play the acoustic guitar. She began recording vocals for commercials in Dallas, and started a band that played the Deep Elm bars. There Downie wrote and performed her own music which was recorded on her first project "Raining Roses." After marrying Bobby Mickler in 1995, the two went into full time mission work oversees. While in Uganda, Jinja Dam was formed - an international group of talented musicians who wrote and created music to encourage people in their belief in God and Jesus Christ. Downie lead the group in writing and performing while also serving as musical worship leader at Kampala International Church. Jinja Dam recorded an album in Uganda that Downie finished producing in Texas in 2011. Downie lives in San Antonio with her husband and five children.

Chip Prehn

St Augustine Grass - "The Call of St. Augustine"

Two members of Chip Prehn's wider Southern family are in the Country Music Hall of Fame, and another sang soprano for the Metropolitan Opera. It is not surprising that he was reared to love ALL kinds of music. Doug McNeel's music inspired Chip to learn how to play harmonica. This is a work in progress, but since the same wind required to make sounds from grass blades is used for the harmonica, Prehn is hopeful about the outcome. Chip is a poet, an Episcopal priest, a historian of education, an educator and a happy husband and father.

Album Notes

About The Great Awakening

Texas singer-songwriter Doug McNeel and his band, The Sons of Maverick, deliver a refreshing Country-Americana experience in The Great Awakening. Loaded with clever lyrics and spiced with a distinct Texas flavor the twelve thought-provoking songs are designed to tickle and tease, ignite and inspire.

Doug provides lead vocals on all tracks save two with guest vocalist Downie Mickler delivering a playful performance on "Marrying Man." Chip Prehn offers a remarkable solo using a single blade of grass on "The Call of St. Augustine," while other creative arrangements include flute and oboe along with the requisite Americana sounds of fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, steel guitar and upright bass.

The band’s name, Sons of Maverick, was chosen in honor of Doug’s great-great grandfather Samuel A. Maverick. As some of you may know this Texas pioneer, entrepreneur, soldier and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence had a habit of not branding his cattle which practice gave rise to the term “maverick” to describe independently minded individuals.

National-class production values are present in this CD thanks to veteran Texas and Nashville sound engineer and co-producer RB Blackstone at Mark Sinko’s Salmon Peak Recording Studio in Leon Springs, Texas. Mastering is provided by Fred Remmert, Cedar Creek Recording Studio, Austin, Texas. Additional collaborators include Owen Duggan, arranger, co-producer, co-writer ("Doctor Jesus" and "Blues Universe") and back-up vocalist. For parents, grandparents or teachers of young children Owen is also artist-producer of award-winning children’s CD, An Elephant Never Forgets.

"I knew that I would like the CD by Doug McNeel and The Sons of Maverick because I heard him play and sing a bit in person in his living room. But I did not like it, I loved it. His clear melodic voice, the wonderful harmony of voices and instruments and the variety of music makes for a great time of listening....and thinking. From the profound thoughts of “Hound of Heaven” and “Ride Pilgrim Ride” to the delightful humor of “Labrador” I experienced pleasure and emotional, intellectual and spiritual stimulation. Bring on more, Doug, Judith and the Sons of Maverick."

Phyllis LePeaux
Downers Grove, Illinois

So who would like The Great Awakening album?


Felt like you were running from Someone…Hound of Heaven
Been in a wilderness or crossed a desert… Ride Pilgrim Ride
Been broken and needed a fresh start… Farewell
Hugged, loved or played ball with a Labrador Retriever… Labrador
Needed healing… Doctor Jesus
Needed fresh perspective before you passed out… The Great Awakening
Found hair growing between your toes…. Hobbit on the Road
Been lost in the cosmos… Blues Universe
Wondered what would happen if you traded your harmonica for a single blade of St. Augustine grass… The Call of St Augustine
Felt the coyotes nipping at your heels… Run Jack Run
Suffered an abusive relationship and longed for true love… Marrying Man
Wondered about the end of time… Let Me Be There