Welcome to the digital home of Doug McNeel & The Sons of Maverick. We are delighted you dropped by and invite you to explore all the nooks and crannies of our upgraded website.

Before we go any farther special thanks are in order for the team of Jeanene and Gordon Atkinson of Consafo Internet Management, our website designers and social media consultants, who are responsible for the design and maintenance of this virtual universe tucked away in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. 

Our goal here is to share our soul nourishing Texas style Americana music with those folks all over the world who would find this music meaningful and enjoyable.

Words are important to me. As a songwriter I strive to compose works that, not only entertain, but also stimulate and nourish insight in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. I want to leave the listener with something to chew on after the last note of a song fades away. The purpose of this blog is to provide intellectual fodder for all you ruminators* and to nurture discussion of things that matter using the material of the songs as a springboard for reflection.

We invite you to submit comments, comments on the songs, on my blog posts and on the comments of others who contribute their insights to this site. Let us know what you think and feel. Let’s start a discussion and build a small community here built on good words, beautiful melodies and great harmony.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

Until next time,


* When I was trying to come up with my flash bio on the Doug and the Band page – “Singer ● Songwriter ● Ruminator ● Storyteller ● Tree Hugger ● Hobbit Lover●  Joy Seeker ● Wisdom Hunter” – I was advised not to use the word “ruminator” on the ground that not everyone may be familiar with what it means. But I had to use it because it was the perfect word to describe “one who chews on and digests ideas and experiences.” To address this problem we have added Doug’s Glossary, the link to which can be found on this page. When we see a word that is a candidate for clarification we will slap a link on it so you can go straight to the Glossary to see at least my definition of the word. Clear thinking begins with clearly defined terms.

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