Long before I gave much thought to the phenomenon of Donald Trump I had written most of the “Only You” song. My purpose in writing it was to explore the psychology of narcissism from the perspective of one who has been afflicted by that spiritual sickness. I was interested in understanding the causes for my own brand of self-centeredness and the book I have mentioned elsewhere, Why Is It Always About You: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism, by Sandy Hotchkiss, was of great help to me.

With the rise of Donald Trump as a political phenomenon, his domination of the media and the public’s fascination with his peculiar personality, it became clear that Trump offered our culture an extraordinary teachable moment. Donald Trump is the most transparent, well known narcissist in the United States today and the greatest exemplar of the characteristics of self-preoccupation presented reflected in the “Only You” song. The Trumptation was irresistible for us to create a music video which featured Trump as the star of a musical narrative designed to illuminate this pervasive spiritual disease of our culture.OnlyYouCoverFinal800

So off we went to Harter Music Studios with a band of accomplished Dixieland Jazz musicians to lay down the sound recording of “Only You” while videographers dodged flying notes to record some of the studio action. Then After that we headed out to the offices of Geomedia, the video production company, where my wife, Judith, and I camped out for two days. Working with the talented video designer and editor, Jeff Chesnut, we searched online for just the right video images to piece together an intelligible story line that would complement the words to the song. It was somewhat tedious work, but on the whole lots of fun and very rewarding to participate in the creation of a work of video art. We appreciate all who contributed to the final product. I am especially thankful for the creativity and direction that Judith, Owen Duggan (my arranger and co-producer), and Jeff Chesnut contributed to the project.

Hope you enjoy the video, send us your comments and, if it pleases you, please share it with your friends.

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  1. Julia says:

    Love the song… I see it as broader than Trump in that this same characteristic is evident in a number of our politicians on the scene today and historically and in both parties.
    Certainly Trump is an apt caricature, however, for sure. Send this song to Saturday Night Live.

  2. Craig Bell says:

    Oh my! I guess if you expose some of your narcisstic tendencies, I’ll lay bare the fact that I have been so accused as well. It’s a great song and the work put into the video presentation enlightens the message even more. I am blessed to still be on your list and thank you for sharing.

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