The Maverick Name


1. an unbranded range animal. 2. an independent- minded individual.

This term, which first appeared in the English language in 1867, was inspired by Doug’s great-great grandfather, Samuel A. Maverick. (1803-1870) Sam Maverick, was a soldier in the Texas revolution, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, a public servant and an entrepreneur. Along the way he acquired some cattle which he never branded. The cowboys on the neighboring ranches began to refer to any unbranded cattle they found as “mavericks”. Over time the term also came to refer to independent-minded individuals who were not bound by any party or group.

Doug continues the family legacy as an independent-minded music maker. We hope you will enjoy his fresh “brand” of Texas style Americana music.

Historical Note: In 1848 Samuel Maverick was commissioned by the state of Texas to assist in leading the Chihuahua El Paso Pioneer Expedition (the Hays-Maverick Expedition) for the purpose of exploring west Texas and assessing its topography and resources. The photograph below was taken near Alpine, Texas along the route of that expedition. The photographer, Jim Keller, and historian, Dan Lane, both Maverick descendants and cousins of Doug, have been working on a book about the expedition entitled: Sam Maverick’s Trail: The First American Exploration of Far West Texas.