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One afternoon my co-songwriter, arranger and co-producer, Owen Duggan, was working with me on music theory. I was trying to understand why certain note patterns worked in blues songs even though some of the notes were outside of the regular major scale. Owen said something like: “That’s just the way it is in the blues universe.” The phrase stuck and I knew I had the kernel of a song. The next morning as I was driving to work the words came pouring out: “I’ve got a broken heart and a tune and a verse And I am lost in space in a blues universe…”
"Blues Universe"
by Doug McNeel

I’ve got a broken heart, a tune and a verse
And I am lost in space in a Blues Universe.
I've got them wandering, alien,
Intergalactic bring me down blues.
I was born to die, but I don’t like to lose.
Is life really worth living in a Universe of Blues?
But nevertheless, I’m looking for that Seventh Heaven.

I’m trapped in time and confined in space.
I can’t find the door to get out of this place.
My guitar is flat; I can’t find the right key.
It’s an especially depressing case of relativity.

Photons and protons and baby neutrinos
Are playing the odds in this cosmic casino.
Atomic dust is floating in my beer.
Who the heck am I? And why am I here?

Tell me which way is up and which way is down.
I’m not sure what’s all right and what is out of bounds.
It's been a bit of a mystery ever since the Big Bang
About what it all means which I don’t understand.

"Blues Universe" © 2009 McNeel Music, L.L.C.

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