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The seed for this song was planted by Ralph Wood, University Professor of Theology and Literature at Baylor University. I happened to listen to an NPR interview with him talking about his book, The Gospel According to Tolkien. One of the points he made about The Lord of the Rings was that it was all about a quest or journey instead of an adventure. As Gandalf put it an adventure is a “there-and-back-again affair.” Once you’ve had the adventure you return to your normal life basically unchanged. A quest on the other hand is a response to a calling which transforms your life as was the case with Frodo. At the time I heard the interview I was teaching at TMI, an Episcopal preparatory school in San Antonio, and was involved in helping to organize the annual Daunt Lecture series for the school. We invited Ralph Wood to speak on the theme of his book. I wrote “Hobbit on the Road” for the event and while impersonating Gandalf just before introducing Dr. Wood I got to hear my song performed publicly for the first time. It was a rich evening.
"Hobbit on the Road"
by Doug McNeel

Bilbo Baggins is my name.
I settled in the Shire down at old Bag End,
Short and true with hair between my toes.
Home Sweet Home is my dear hobbit hole.
We hafling hobbits are a peaceful race,
Fun loving folk with a smile on our face.
We love smoke rings, songs and long tall tales
Fireworks, friends and a good jug of ale.

Hey fiddle diddle diddle, hey fiddle
There's flowers in the meadow and a hobbit’s on the road.
Run little hobbit while the sun still shines.
Run little hobbit while you still have time.
Pray for a heart of love and a good strong mind.

It all began when the wizard came by
With a band of dwarves with gold in their eyes.
Adventures they did promise me;
Bilbo seek your destiny.
Off we went on a hair-raising tale
Into the mountain down the goblins’ trail.
Riddles I told and a ring I found.
Gollum, where is your precious bound?

I’ve had my fill of that cursed ring.
I can feel its power and its deadly sting.
It’s yours now Frodo. Resist its force.
Carry this ring back to its source.
Go little hobbit, be true to your quest.
Face Mt. Doom and the ultimate test.
Walk by faith and not by sight.
Live for the Good and pray for the Light.

"Hobbit on the Road" © 2009 McNeel Music, L.L.C.

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