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I think a significant influence for me on this song was the book A Return to Modesty by Wendy Shalit. One of her key themes is that young women get into trouble when they give up the power they have to extract commitment from the men who pursue them. They give themselves away too quickly, become painfully vulnerable and then find themselves the loser in abusive relationships. Perhaps what they need to look for is “a classical lover with an old fashioned plan…a God-fearing marrying man.” I trust that species has not yet become extinct.
"Marrying Man"
by Doug McNeel

I was running from love with a tear in my eye,
A scar on my heart from an ugly goodbye.
Seeking safe shelter from the masculine race,
I swore that I would never repeat my disgrace.
Tell me who can you trust in this dangerous world?
Lord help the heart of a vulnerable girl.
But thank God, I finally found him.

He’s my honey bun baby, my good looking guy
The dream of my life, the apple of my eye.
He’s a classical lover with an old fashioned plan.
He’s a God-fearing marrying man.

I was weary and worn out from one night stands
Looking for a lover who could be a true friend.
Cold hearts and hot bodies were bringing me down.
I was holding on to nothing with a cynical frown.
Back then I used to let them treat me like dirt,
But now I’m undergoing a romantic rebirth.
Thank God I finally found him.

He’s rough on the edges and he won’t wear a tie.
He’s a little bit stubborn with a touch of male pride.
But he keeps his promises, he’s gentle and kind.
He’s got a heart of pure gold and a beautiful mind.
Who could have imagined when we shared our first kiss
That reality could ever be as blissful as this.
Thank God that I finally found him.

"Marrying Man" © 2009 McNeel Music, L.L.C.

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