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I wrote “Run Jack Run” at a time of economic uncertainty in my life. The song is really about the challenge of how to stay centered and at peace when the coyotes are nipping at your tail. Jack does a real good job of keeping his life in balance even in the face of the life-threatening challenges that confront him every day. He’s a real model for us all.
"Run Jack Run"
by Doug McNeel

Far from the city on an old cattle trail there’s a long-eared beast with a powder puff tail,
Looking for food and a really good time. He lives to run and he loves to hide.
But there’s creatures in the woods, who would eat you if they could.
So don’t slow down, keep your nose to the ground. Even so you know your life is good.

Run Jack run through the warm daylight.
Zig to the left and zag to the right.
Pray that the old coyote won’t bite.
Run Jack run make it home tonight.

Racing a roadrunner through a cedar brake, he hops o’er the head of a sleepy rattlesnake.
Old black buzzard’s making circles in the sky, waiting around for something good to die.
And while a hawk swoops through the air, looking for mice and helpless hares,
Jack’s having fun on his good morning run like he never had a worry or care.

He runs by the creek where the dewberries grow, then he plays with a crawdad
where the clear waters flow.
A hungry raccoon reaches out for a fish. Jack gobbles all the berries he could possibly wish.
But the honey bunny he holds dear, waits at home to nuzzle his ears.
She loves her Jack in his white sport jacket with a bluebonnet boutonniere.

"Run Jack Run" © 2004 & © 2009 McNeel Music, L.L.C.

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