About This Song
The featured performer on this track is my good friend, Chip Prehn, who is currently the Headmaster of Trinity School of Midland in Midland, Texas. He is also an Episcopal priest, a philosopher and historian of education, a harmonica player, a wild game hunter and an intrepid bird caller. Give the man a blade of fresh cut St. Augustine grass, stand back and listen to the cacophony of bird songs that will pour from his mouth.
"The Call of St Augustine"
by Doug McNeel

The sun is setting in the Texas hill country as we find that intrepid explorer and Episcopal priest, Father Chip Prehn, prowling through the woods preparing for an encounter with the untamed wilderness. As he crouches behind a Mountain Laurel we can see in his hands a mighty instrument, a single blade of St. Augustine grass, treasured by the ancients and the musically literate for its superior acoustical properties. Be still as we wait for that golden moment. Yes, Father Prehn is about to enact a fabled ritual as old as the moon itself, a ritual that will call forth the spirit of wilderness within each of us. Watch closely as he raises his cupped hands, those gnarled gloves worn with wisdom, holding a slender piece of freshly clipped grass. As the green trumpet rises to meet his lips Father Prehn breathes deeply and then with a roar of wind exhales the glory of pristine Paradise.

"The Call of St Augustine" © 2009 McNeel Music, L.L.C.

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