About This Song
The heart of this song is the conviction that inner healing requires trust in the One who has the power to heal. Who is your doctor?
"Dr Jesus"
by Doug McNeel

I’m looking down the road of life and I don’t like what I see.
I’ve got a horrible condition, a terminal disease.
It’s a deadly fever, some call it evil and others call it sin.
But I hear there’s one physician who can cure this from within.

Heal me, Doctor Jesus, heal me.
I feel so sick inside. Save me.
I’m dying from ten thousand sins.
I need your holy medicine.
Restore me let me live again.
Oh Lord I pray, dear Doctor Jesus, heal me.

I’ve got a nasty case of the self-centered blues.
I have trouble keeping even one friend.
I’ve got a drinking problem that’s out of control.
I’m a two-timing gambling man.
I’m an angry bully with a real mean streak,
A cutthroat murdering thief
With an addiction to pornography,
But I’m hoping for relief.

Well I’ve heard the rumor and I hope it’s true that Jesus is my friend,
That he’s promised me salvation if I’d only turn to him.
I can’t believe it. It’s awesome news. It’s too good to be true.
If he died for me to set me free, just think what he can do for you.

"Dr Jesus" © 2009 McNeel Music, L.L.C.

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