About This Song
The modern day contemplative monk, Thomas Merton, developed the idea of the “false self,” that illusory, self-serving mask which separates us from authentic existence. An example of this is when we attempt to base our identity on our performance with the ultimate objective of self-glorification. Merton reminds us that the false self must die if we are to find and live out our true self at the Center of Life. I know it’s hard to let the false self go, but I hear the rewards are everlasting.
by Doug McNeel

Farewell to old ways. So long to yesterday.
I’m leaving my old self behind.
Hello to Reason. Welcome the new season.
I’m lifting up my eyes for a sign.

Sweet voices descending from heaven
Are singing a soul-stirring song.
Pure melody bright as an angel’s
Enticing and leading me on.

Farewell confusion. So long illusion.
Peace of mind is not far behind.
Hello to heaven and joy that spreads like leaven.
I’m waiting for the Spirit in due time.

Farewell anxiety and the tether of timidity.
I’m leaving my old self-concern behind.
Hello agape and faith that drives all fear away.
I’m learning how to live the life divine.

"Farewell" © 2009 McNeel Music, L.L.C.

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