About This Song
I suspect the Kingston Trio version of the song “Lonesome Valley” and Big Bend National Park in West Texas played a role in the creation of “Ride Pilgrim Ride.” This song is dedicated to all those restless cowboys who ride through the wilderness in search of the promised land.
"Ride Pilgrim Ride"
by Doug McNeel

Who’s that cowboy riding hard across the desert sand?
Is he chasing a mirage, a purely human foolish plan?
His fate is resting in the palm of strong eternal hands.
God speed you on your journey traveling man.

Ride pilgrim ride, restless cowboy.
Seek your destiny of gold.
Cross that scorching desert
With a Bible in your pack.
Find that promised land and don’t look back.

Out in the desert where there’s hunger, heat and cold,
The devil’s in the canyon waiting for your very soul.
Keep the faith, be strong and don’t give in.
God speed you on your journey brave pilgrim.

He’s heard the rumors of a paradise,
Not in this world but on the other side of life.
Though pleasures come and go and this world shall pass away,
This treasure-seeking cowboy knows the way.

"Ride Pilgrim Ride" © 2009 McNeel Music, L.L.C.

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