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I wrote “The Great Awakening” awhile back. At that time country and western music featured a lot of crying-in-my-beer songs which I found to be mildly depressing. I came up with “The Great Awakening” as a kind of answer to the self-pity of that type of music. The setting I had in mind for the song was John T. Floore Country Store in Helotes, Texas, the place where Willie Nelson got his start. It’s a great dance hall, a real treasure of the Texas Hill Country.
"The Great Awakening"
by Doug McNeel

Saturday night, country dancing, beer stains on the floor,
Tear drops on the threshold and a red light by the door,
Long necks on the table, yes and grief is on the run.
Lonesome cowboy ain't you having fun?
He's listening to the music of a sad song, that’s so true,
About a cheating lady and a cowboy broke in two.
It won't take long to recognize himself inside that song.
Crippled cowboy won't you hum along?

I have seen the Great Awakening as it crosses a man's eyes.
I have seen the flame eternal flicker where the old ways die.
Come all ye lonely cowboys, face the music with a grin.
Take a look and find the Good Life deep within.

Some dance hall scenes are happy full of smiles and friendships true,
But every scene this cowboy makes is painted empty blue.
You'll see him there each Saturday night, thinking nothing at all,
Drinking with the shadows on the wall.
Could it be the West is dying and he’s dying to believe
That the one he loved would save him from the world’s insanity?
Now the open range is gone for good and his love has proved untrue.
Tell me maverick, whatcha' gonna' do?

There’s one who knows the secret. There's one who knows the way.
Who rode through Devil’s Canyon without food for forty days.
He’s that old time Great Ghost Rider who would rope our wounded pride
And lead us down the trail to Paradise.
In between the drinks that night, something snapped inside.
The truth began to creep in as our cowboy realized
You sow what you reap and reap what you sow, and the choice is yours to make
For how you end depends on the path you take.

"The Great Awakening" © 2004 & © 2009 McNeel Music, L.L.C.

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