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"The music and musicianship of this CD is of the highest quality. It's a delightful collection... This debut album proves that Doug McNeel can take his place among the great songwriters in America today."

Rev. W.L. Prehn, Ph.D. Headmaster Trinity School of Midland

"Country western music with hints of jazz performed with depth and humor and real musicality. You can imagine Doug singing in the evening for the wagon trains going West. He is a storyteller of delight and truth. This is music to enjoy!”

Judith Heinze

"Full disclosure: the singer/songwriter and I are long-time friends, which also means I have been blessed to hear some of these songs performed live in various settings such as First Presbyterian Church, TMI’s Refectory, and the beautiful patio overlooking San Geronimo Creek at Gallagher Ranch. The Great Awakening is a delightfully authentic collection of songs both pleasing to the ear and thought-provoking to the mind and spirit (well, with the exception of “The Call of St. Augustine,” which is in a category of its own.) While collectively the songs convey an unmistakable Texas-Americana sound, individually they differ distinctly from the bluesy aura of “Dr. Jesus” and “Blues Universe” to the upbeat, show-tune sound of “Marrying Man” to the rockabilly/dancehall vibe of “The Great Awakening” and “Hound of Heaven” to the sonorous “Farewell” (my personal favorite), and much more. What impresses me most with this album is how it achieves such a complementary balance of artfully arranged music and meaningfully positive lyrics: you can’t help but enjoy both, and you find new delights each time you hear these fine offerings. ”

Bob Bell / San Antonio, TX

"Doug’s music invites you into a soulful place in his heart through toe-tapping, fun songs full of great stories and spiritual messages.”

Judy Casey

"Doug McNeel presents a very creative musical experience here. Inspirational, humorous and well-produced…"

Rick Cavendar



3rd Place Winner of the 2016 Spring Song Contest of the Austin Songwriters Group
DrJesus "Dr Jesus"
Honorable Mention Award (Contemporary Christian/Gospel Category) 17th Annual (2009) Billboard World Songwriting Contest
BlueUniverse "Blues Universe"
Honorable Mention Award (R&B,Blues Category) 17th Annual (2009) Billboard World Songwriting Contest
Floore County Store630 "The Great Awakening"
Honorable Mention Award (Country Category) 17th Annual (2009) Billboard World Songwriting Contest